Commander v1.02 Updates

Here’s what’s changed in The Commander v1.02:

  • Added hotkeys:
    • Up and Down arrows will adjust result selection
    • Enter key executes command
    • Accent key (`) closes the Commander (below the escape key)
  • Scripts from the ScriptUI Panels folder are now properly launched as docked panels.
  • Recent Commands is a new feature that allows you to easily execute recent commands from previous searches.  The recent commands are displayed in the results list when launching the Commander.  The number of displayed recent commands can be adjusted in the preferences.  It’s possible to filter the types of commands shown as well as completely disabling the feature all together.
  • Added help dialog to primary interface.  Just click on the question mark!
  • “Search Criteria Includes Category” is a new preference that allows you to specify if the Category or Sub Category should be included as search criteria when searching commands.
  • Removed ability for the Commander to remain open when launching commands.  This was causing crashes/instability on some systems and will be reintroduced once corrected.
  • Known Issues:
    • Windows users:  Often times the Commander window is not made active when launched.  The best way around this is to simply hit the assigned keyboard command two times when launching the Commander.  This will help ensure the window is active and ready to receive input from the keyboard.
    • Some menu commands may not work.

Download link:  The Commander v1.02